About Heddrite

Heddrite (our legal name is Preventyl) is a Virginia company formed by two friends who enjoy a drink now and then, but don’t enjoy hangovers.  Our interest in the science of alcohol use led us to create Heddrite, a product designed to reduce the pain of the following day by helping your body burn up the toxins formed when alcohol is broken down in the body.

Paolo DePetrillo M.D., our Scientific Director, is a board-certified clinical pharmacologist and internist.  He has worked in research at the National Institutes of Health and in clinical practice in a variety of settings, including a hospital-based alcohol and substance abuse treatment unit.  If you want more info, you can read his resume.

The idea for Heddrite grew out of Dr. DePetrillo’s research on the chemistry of alcohol’s effects in the body. (For a look at some of his research publications, click here.)

Mark McDonough, our President, has one of those resumes that would be perfect for a novelist.  He’s been a DJ, a radio news reporter, a fork lift driver, a bookkeeper, an architectural historian, a high school history teacher, a database administrator, and a software tester.  And probably some other things he’s forgotten about.

He’s also co-authored a book on alcohol treatment with Dr. DePetrillo, and as an enthusiastic micro-brew beer enthusiast, he was our first product tester.  And though we practically had to threaten him with bodily harm to get it out of him, along the way he managed to pick up some very impressive and completely irrelevant degrees – in American Studies from Brown and in Education from Harvard.

He grew up in Rochester, New York when Kodak was king and still makes it back now and then to visit.